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Home > Dance Performance

Dance Hiatus

Most dancers run into a period of time where life doesn’t allow one to dance. This is frustrating for the passionate dancer; it throws one out of the loop causing loss of technique and flexibility. Let’s face it, the dance world is demanding and sometimes a dancer must take an extended break.

Many dancers try to push through and continue on with dancing during injury, loss of spirit, or emotional trauma, but sometimes a dancer just needs to take a hiatus. A break is actually good for a dancer at times – a few months off can not only rejuvenate the soul but it can also revive the body. It also can refresh the mind and bring life back into perspective.

Dancers may choose to take a hiatus due to an injury that requires time to properly heal; whether a sprain, break or general overuse injuries such as severe tendentious. Serious dancers most often over-work themselves as dance requires much of the time; the endless rehearsals, the classes, the shows… It can really weigh on a dancer’s body.

At other times it’s the heart and soul that needs mending; perhaps there was a passing in the family or one finds depression setting in. Many find that dancing through these times is healing, but others can’t bare it so the hiatus is a viable option.

We need to think of our health first and foremost; more than our status as a dancer. Without health we lose our ability to enjoy life. The demands on a dancer are high and every dancer deserves a hiatus; we are entitled to a break and a moment to live life and revive! Our spirit is what makes our dancing great; if it’s stifled then there is nothing left to give.

Another aspect of the hiatus is the return to dance. Some dancers take a long break and find it intimidating to return to their art. Many bow out due to not making ends meet financially, or to go to college, or perhaps one has a child or gets lost in the responsibilities of life; there are many ways a dancer may get pulled from their passion. Life is just that way.

Many dancers who return to dance after a hiatus can develop a fear while away. One may think about being behind on technique, or maybe other students advanced past the hiatus dancer who was previously on par with them: either way a new sense of challenge will arise in the dancer. It is this passion that becomes the saving grace which gets the dancer to work harder to get back on track.

The only answer is to get back to that barre with a humble attitude and hard work. If you’ve done it once you'll do it again - your muscle has memory! Don’t ever let your dance hiatus take you away from your passion – once a dancer always a dancer!

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