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Home > Dance Products Review

The Pro-Arch

As a ballet dancer with not so great arches, I went online to seek out products that would help with this problem of mine. I always had meticulously performed all technique exercies and concentrated on working through my arch in class but my arches still didn't give off the beautiful line that I saw in a typical professional ballerina's foot.

Now mind you, I was 8 years into my ballet training and was well into advanced ballet and performing. My foot was correctly functional and my dancing was good, it was just the look that displeased me.

After doing everything from cleverly hiding my arches with legwarmers - to turning out my ankles more.. I decided to invest in a "ProArch".

ProArch is a device that is supposed to strengthen and stretch the inner and outer arch of the foot to improve your arch. It is intended for dancers, gymnasts and high divers.

I ordered it online and recieved the box in the mail. It needed a bit of assembly before I could start using it.

Basically it is a contraption device to put the pointed foot into, and a strap holds the heel in place. The device is attached to springs which can be altered from "easy" to "difficult" depending on the strength of your foot.

I adjusted mine to a medium hold and placed my foot inside. There I could hold a first and second position while doing the exercises in full tendu extension pushing my foot from pointe to flat and back to pointe.

I found the device useful, my foot did get stronger - but the look of my arch stayed the same. I was using the Proarch at the toughest level of resistance for awhile before I determined this.

I used it for over a year and still have it and use it! So it goes to show that we have to accept our genetics and work with what we've got. No product on the market will change your bone structure but consistency will make you a better dancer no matter what!

I recommend Proarch for increased strength and flexibility - it will improve your dancing though the look of your arch will change little.

Product Grade: B+

Product Price: About $140.00 US Dollars.

Product Website: dancedepotusa

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