Bio:  Wade Robson

Bio: Wade Robson

Hip hop choreography prodigy Wade Robson began dancing in Australia at age five by winning a dance contest while dancing to Micheal Jackson’s Thriller. By the age of nine he and his mother decided to move to Los Angeles so he could pursue his dancing career. Born in 1982, Wade wasted no time climbing to the top of the hip hop – pop dance scene.

Wade was already an established professional dancer by the time he began substitute teaching at the prestigious Millenium Dance in North Hollywood. He was teaching more than four advanced level classes a week and he was only twelve! His teaching style was fresh, innovative and wildly popular. He became in such high demand that they offered him a permanent spot on the faculty teaching his own classes with his own music. He also got a spot on the faculty of LAs ‘Tremaine Dance Studios’ which is prestigious as well as ‘The Edge’, in Hollywood, where you can also find him guest teaching sometimes.

Now known as ‘the valley boy’, since he lived in the suburbs outside of Hollywood, he began getting gigs choreographing for big award shows such as ‘The Kids Choice Awards’, ‘The Academy Awards, and the ‘7th America’s Teacher’s Awards’. He also appeared in many well known commercials including the ‘Gap Clothing’ dancing commercials as well as his appearance as one of the ‘meaty cheesy boys’ in a Jack n’ the Box commercial.

Years later he was choreographing for the biggest pop stars of our time including Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Usher as well as many others. His pop star luck started with Britney Spears when he choreographed her tour and several of her hit videos. She didn’t originally want or trust a 16 year old guy to choreograph for her, but he proved himself quickly by making her one of the hottest pop dancers on MTV climaxing with ‘Slave 4 U’. He was also the permanent choreographer for NSYNC as well and lent them some great success.

He later got his own show on MTV called ‘The Wade Robson Project’ that was entirely dance based. It wasn’t given a second season but he still became well known from the exposure and now continues to grow as an artist. He’s now directing his own feature film, which is a project of his to ‘bring back the musicals to the big screen’. He remains one of Hollywood’s premier choreographers of today and his ‘magic touch’ is still in demand since everything he touches seems to turn to a success.

photo credit: Anne Helmond via photopin cc