Dancer Attitude: Tips from a Professional Dancer

Dancer Attitude: Tips from a Professional Dancer

I’m a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher from Italy. I want to explain the right attitude dancers need to acquire in order to pursue their goals and realize a lasting career as a professional dancer and artist. The most important qualities for professional dancers and their careers are to stop thinking just about technique or how to get money from dance, but to acquire the right mentality.

First we have to get to know our selves as artists and performers. Secondly we need to start exploring ourselves as dancers and performers; showing how much we love being on stage or in front of the camera. It is never constructive to speak negatively against yourself or to gossip about others, nor is there a need to compare ourselves to anyone else . We are the only one in charge of our minds. We only need to judge our work ethic and progress. When you are immune to the opinions of others you feel more confident in your dance performance.

Just doing our best is the greatest way to show how much we care about our job and how much passion we have in our heart and soul. Giving our best every time we get the chance is what is important. I would suggest to practice, spiritually too, and to take care of our body with nutrition, enough rest and a balanced state of being.

It is important to feed the mind and soul as well and not become obsessed with the body alone. Read, have friends, do yoga, pray, love, and be all the things you are in conjunction with being a dancer. This contributes to a full and satisfying life.

There will come a day when dance wont be at the forefront of your life! So enjoy, be inspired, don’t hold back your dreams and never think you are not good enough to achieve every goal in your life. After my dance experiences all over the world, and taking classes from the most amazing teachers, I started expressing gratitude and being positive. Dancers stay passionate! Keep fighting for what you want and deserve, and don’t stop your creativity!

Federica Riz


photo credit: Antsise Frixione via siseart cc