Dancer Body Types

Dancer Body Types

Every dancer is made up of genetics that determine their body type. Regardless of this body type, every person that loves to move and is willing to work hard, can dance. The so-called body structure police in the dance world are fading quickly (thanks to modern dance mainly)!

More and more choreographers and company owners are employing dancers based on their talents over their body type or looks. Dance is here to represent the soul through the body – not to get carried away with the aesthetics of the body alone in our image-obsessed culture.

Your body type will certainly determine which diet, exercise regimen and work load will work best for your dancing. It is best to know which body type you are so you can put it all into perspective as to remain ahead of the game. There are three body types, see which one you fit into:

The Ectomorph

Thin/delicate build
Usually tall and linky
Flat Chest
Doesn’t easily gain weight
Slouchy shoulders, posture problems
Trouble gaining muscle, lightly muscled
Not a lot of fat on the body

If you’re an Ectomorph, you most likely need more protein, need to concentrate on body alignment and need to add weight bearing exercises to your routine.

The Mesomorph

Hard body
Well developed muscle
Mature appearance
Good posture
Thick skin
Loses & gains weight easily
Develops muscle easy

A Mesomorph just needs to watch the fat and keep the diet very balanced. Consistency is the key.

The Endomorph

Soft body
Round shape
Holds weight in stomach
Develops muscle easy
Over-active digestive system
Trouble losing weight

The Endomorph needs to work on a good cardio routine outside of dance and needs to have a very lean diet with a lot of protein and vegetables.

No matter which type of body you have, you can be healthy, in shape and can look and dance great. Use your body type to your advantage and be the best you can be.

And if you still don’t have the perfect ballerina body? Then join the club! Just keep on dancing your heart out! It is you that we want to see represent the dance world. Real life people, flaws and all are beautiful to watch in all their dancing glory.

photo credit: Fashion Doll Empire1 via photopin cc