When Dance Loses Passion & Joy

When Dance Loses Passion & Joy

Dear Dancehelp

So I have been part of a competition team at my studio for 4 years now and this is also my second solo. Last year I competed at YAGP and was less than 2 points away from going to New York. But this year I’m having trouble getting into my dance. I dread going into my privates and no matter what I try or how hard I practice I can’t get the steps or enjoy it. My first performance is in a month and I am nowhere near ready. How I get into my dance and fake loving it in a month? Also, dancing has become more of a job that a passion at the studio. There is so much drama between students, teachers and even parents to students. I know I don’t want to quit, but sometimes I feel like if I can’t handle this now how will be able to handle this as a job? Basically i lost my passion for dance. Any tips? thank you.





Dear DancerInTrouble:


It sounds to me like it’s not dance that you dread, it’s the drama and the pressure surrounding it. I suggest you tell your parents that you would like a more peaceful dance setting – and request this change be made before you decide to just quit. Dance doesn’t need to be so stressful, that is not what it’s about! Just dancing for fun, verses performing for trophies are two completely different things. One feeds the soul and the other the ego.


In the meantime you need to stick to your commitments and get through this performance. Try to create your own “bubble” and only give energy to dancing with soul and joy. If you can focus on being happy then you will be able to dance the way you envision. Meditate before your privates, classes and your performance – envision passionate, joyful and flawless movement.


You deserve to enjoy yourself and to have a loving and peaceful environment – demand this and you will not only gain peace of mind, but a greater since of esteem for standing up for yourself!


Thanks for your inquiry and best of luck!




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