How do I Increase my Leg Extension?

How do I Increase my Leg Extension?

I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to increase leg elevation. I am struggling to lift my legs high enough when attempting a double fan kick turn which I desperately need to learn. I can do the splits and am flexible in most areas but lifting either one of my legs up! Please could you give me advice on possible stretches I could do or tips that would help this.



Hello Lily,

That is a great question. The key to a great fan kick is to let the leg “go” while in kick motion. The leg has to swing in an upward pendulum. If you need to gain strength for extending the leg, you may want to try this: Put your leg up on a high barre, try to lift your leg from there and hold it as long as you can. You can also lift your leg by holding onto your arch and stretching it into high extension. From this position let go and try to hold the leg up. Repeat. With consistent exercises in this area you are surely to improve!

Thanks and happy dancing!


photo credit: photec via photopin cc