How to Become a Professional Dancer

How to Become a Professional Dancer

Hello, I’m 23 years old, and am studying at a performing-arts musical theatre school. I’m in my last year and decided I want to dance professionally. Dance is my passion; I live and breathe it. I dance everyday and take extra lessons to keep progressing with technique. I even assist my teachers every week with pure enjoyment.

I am wondering how to reach for my goal of becoming a professional dancer in a dance company. I have so much determination; its the key quality I have which has pushed me to improve rapidly. I’m basically wondering, am I too late? I study ballet, contemporary and musical theatre, have done tap, and begun Latin dancing as well. My main strengths are contemporary and ballet dancing. Please let me know before I make any choices out of my depth.

Thank you,

C Louise

Hi C,

Our advice to you is to continue training with the best teachers you can find and start auditioning regularly. Learning how to audition is quite a process so get started! You are not too late – it’s never too late! If dance is coming out of your eyes, ears, mouth, body and most importantly – heart, then there is no reason to not give it your all to make it as a professional.

If this is what you really want to do and you are utterly committed to your technique and you consistently train and audition – then it’s only a matter of time until you’re right in the spot you imagined. Don’t let anyone cast doubt on you – reach for the stars! Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Thanks and happy dancing!

photo credit: Peter Smile via photopin cc