Nutrition on the Run!

Nutrition on the Run!

Touring can be exciting, but also stressful. You want to feel your best when performing on the road, but eating well away from home can be a challenge. Having a game plan can make getting a balanced diet easier when faced with unfamiliar restaurants or foods that aren’t usually your first choice.

Most dancers don’t follow a three-meals-a-day routine. Breakfast is a must whether at home or on tour, but after that things get tricky. You can bring snacks and leftovers when in town which can be eaten as “lunch in multiple parts”. This may be necessary if you are rehearsing all day – on tour there is seldom a lot of time. Finding the right fuel for peak performance is a priority.

When traveling, do your research on the local eateries that provide performance friendly foods. Focus on protein and carbohydrates such as a potato, lean meat, rice or pasta – but order it with marinara sauce which will give healthy flavor. Don’t add cream sauce, sour cream or butter.

Stay away from fruit and salad right before a show, they both don’t sustain for a long time and tend to bloat a dancer! When on tour, vegetables are not the answer, the digestive process lends to many problems. Stick with high calorie low-fat foods for this time alone. You don’t want stomach cramps or digestive nightmares right before you go on stage!

Winning Tips:

-Carry familiar snack foods with you that can provide sustenance in between meals.
-Foods that travel well include sports bars, granola bars, dried fruit, fig bars, individual servings of applesauce, dried soups, hot cereal in a cup and pretzels.
-Always eat breakfast
-Drink plenty of bottled water.

-Be sure to have some nourishment, like fruit, a muffin or bagel, handy.
-Carry extra water or a sports beverage with you.
-Take your vitamins.
-Pack power bars in your theater case for emergencies

When in the theatre rehearsing, dancer’s tend to forget about eating. For this reason, when you are on tour – remember to eat breakfast and always take something away with you like a muffin or bagel for later in the day. If you are stuck in the theatre and find yourself lethargic and hungry with no fuel, that might be a bad situation. It also wards off crankiness as well.

And last but not least, don’t forget to drink bottled water as much as possible. It is a good idea to actually bring your own if you’re traveling to a foreign country, because water quality differs from place to place. It would not be good to get a stomach flu because you drank bad water.

Always be prepared for dancing away from home and you will perform your best!

photo credit: J42K via photopin cc