Top 10 Skin Breakout Causes

Top 10 Skin Breakout Causes

1) Sweat, Sweat and more Sweat!
Boy do dancers sweat. Sometimes skin gets irritated when it’s wet all the time with sweat. It’s good to towel off when we get a moment or a break, just so the skin can dry off a bit! Think of how your skin reacts when you take a long bath, it starts to react to the moisture. Your skin needs to be dried off or aired out, so when possible, towel off.

2) Keep your skin clean.
An obvious reason for breakouts is lack of cleanliness. Bring an oil free astringent in your dance bag, and wash your face, back and chest with it in between classes. It’s amazing how much grime our skin can pick up during a short time.

3) Flush out those toxins.
A lot of the dirt our skin picks up, surprisingly comes from inside our own bodies! We accumulate toxins everyday and one of the main ways toxins get released is through our skin when we sweat. If we only drink water when we’re thirsty, then we are not getting enough. Water is essential to flushing out toxins. The more water you drink, the more pure your sweat will be. So remember to drink lots of bottled water to flush those toxins out regularly so they don’t build up and cause breakouts!

4) Someone mop that dirty floor!
Oftentimes, our dance floor gets a bit dirty and doesn’t get kept up as often as we’d like. This wouldn’t matter so much if we weren’t required to lay on it so often! Dancers who wear back-baring dance gear are the most susceptible to laying a sweaty back on a dirty floor. This can easily cause bad breakouts. So make sure you bring a towel to lay on during floor exercises or stretching time. Or just wear a shrug or a cover up that covers your back.

5) Stop picking.
When a breakout happens, the first thing we do most of the time is pick. We want to touch our faces and backs and squeeze out the impurities, thinking that it will help speed up the healing process. It does quite the opposite. We carry the most germs under our nails, and when we pick we infect the breakout further and can also cause scarring or permanent skin damage. So leave your skin alone!

6) Acne prone.
A few of us just have Acne in our genetics. And no matter how immaculate we are about our skin it doesn’t help. In this case we need to see a dermatologist. There are quite a few products out there that really help cases like this. Pro-Active Solution has worked for many, as well as several different types of Acne medications that can be prescribed. Make sure you see a dermatologist early.

7) Skip the makeup.
Many times a breakout can be caused by clogged pores due to makeup or sunless tanning products. Be wary of make up with talcum powder in it! Use mineral makeup if you absolutely have to wear face makeup in class. If at all possible, go bare faced! Sweat and makeup don’t mix for a lot of us and a clean face is better than a made up face. And tanning creams and sprays are just another form of makeup. They are some of the worst offenders of breakouts. Try to skip the fake tanning and get a bit of real sun in exchange. Not too much though! And use sunscreen. Remember, tanning is not usually that popular with dancers, your natural skin color is just fine.

8) Diet
Sometimes a breakout can be caused by what you are putting in your body. Your diet can be a huge contributor! Certain foods can trigger a breakout so try to avoid them just to safeguard your skin: chocolate, fast food, anything fried or greasy, too much cheese or dairy etc. Just pay attention to your diet and be aware of diet triggers.

9) Hormones
This is another unavoidable one: hormones. As we get older our bodies start to change and hormones are what bring this change about. Even after you’re fully developed hormones still will play a factor. Especially when it’s that time of the month. Hormone breakouts usually show up in the same places each month. A lot of the time they will show up on the jaw line, chin and under the ears. Just be patient and wait it out!

10) Overactive Sebum Glands
When you get a breakout from hormones or genetic acne you have to be sure not to scrub them too much. Over- washing your face too often can cause overactive sebum glands. These are the glands that produce oil. If you tinker with your face too much the PH of your skin gets out of balance and the sebum glands become overproductive causing yet more breakouts. So make sure you are patient with your skin and make sure you aren’t over-washing, especially with a variety of skin products. Too many products will irritate it as well. Try an alcohol free toner, a daily face wash and a light oil free moisturizer with SPF protection in it. Wash once in the morning, once after dancing and once at night.

Every dancer wants clean fresh blemish free skin, it’s so hard to go through th embarrassment of having breakouts. With the right knowledge of what is going on with your particular situation you have better chances of beating it! So pay close attention to your skin and don’t ignore it. Taking the proper measures will lead you to a blemish free complexion that will give you the confidence to dance your best!